Full round-up of all the results from the Armoy Road Races

All the results from the Bayview Hotel Armoy Road Races in Co Antrim at the weekend.

Armoy 'Race of Legends' winner Michael Dunlop with runner-up Davey Todd (left) and Derek McGee, who finished third on Saturday.

Bayview Hotel Race of Legends

1 M Dunlop (BMW); 2 D Todd (Honda) +9.365s; 3 D McGee (Kawasaki) +9.422s; 4 M Sweeney (BMW) +9.830s; 5 P Crowe (BMW) +10.940s; 6 M Browne (Suzuki) +17.90s; 7 A Farrell (Honda 600) +52.497s; 8 R Charlton (BMW) +52.505s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 105.785mph.

Euro Autospares Open A

1 M Dunlop (BMW); 2 D Sheils (BMW) +7.639s; 3 D McGee (Kawasaki) +7.818s; 4 M Sweeney (BMW) +9.391s; 5 D Todd (Honda) +17.066s; 6 P Crowe (BMW) +23.757s; 7 M Browne (Suzuki) +31.270s; 8 P Jordan (Suzuki) +31.819s. New lap record: Dunlop 106.949mph.

Hilton Car Sales Supersport 1(Friday)

1 M Dunlop (Yamaha); 2 A McLean (Kawasaki) +1.698s; 3 D Todd (Honda) +9.281s; 4 M Browne (Yamaha) +12.348s; 5 P Jordan (Yamaha) +12.393s; 6 D Herbertson (Yamaha) +12.88s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 102.769mph.

Clyde Shanks Supersport Race 2

1 M Dunlop (Yamaha); 2 D McGee (Kawasaki) +0.038s; 3 A McLean (Kawasaki) +5.327s; 4 D Todd (Honda) +10.882s; 5 D Herbertson (Kawasaki) +14.351s; 6 J Loughlin (Kawasaki) +25.785s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 103.432mph.

ABO Wind Supertwin

1 D McGee (Kawasaki); 2 J Loughlin (Paton) +7.686s; 3 A McLean (Kawasaki) +7.814s; 4 D Herbertson (Kawasaki) +14.961s; 5 B Rea (Kawasaki) +38.066s; 6 A Farrell (Kawasaki) +39.671s. New lap record: McGee 98.816mph.

Stanley Stewart Racing Moto3/125GP/SS300

1 M Browne (Honda); 2 M Kennedy (Honda) +21.783s; 3 E O’Siochru (Honda) +21.989s; 4 N Moore (Honda) +26.142s. Fastest lap: Browne 87.908mph.

Tilesplus Senior Classic

1 I Lougher (500 MV Agusta); 2 G Martin (750 BSA) +1.407s; 3 R Ford (Norton 920) +25.390s; 4 B Rea (Honda 500-4) +27.744s. Fastest lap: Lougher 86.576mph.

McAlonan Oils Junior Classic

1 D Herbertson (Honda 350); 2 B Davidson (Honda 350) +18.266s; 3 L Murphy (Honda 350) +42.968s; 4 G Stinson (Honda 350) +51.278s. New lap record: Herbertson 84.417mph.

JW Hickinson/James McKillop Junior Support

1 E O’Siochru (Kawasaki 650); 2 K Baker (Kawasaki 650) +19.259s; 3 M Gillan (Suzuki 650) +19.755s; 4 M Mace (Kawasaki 650) +25.433s. Fastest lap: O’Siochru 91.513mph.

Park Electrical Services/Brap Moto Senior Support

1 E O’Siochru (Yamaha 600); 2 J Oliver (Kawasaki 600) +1.156s; 3 K Ryan (Triumph 675) +11.420s; 4 K Barsby (Yamaha 600) +16.031s. Fastest lap: O’Siochru 94.599mph.

Torra Homes Open B

1 S Johnson (Suzuki); 2 S Tobin (Kawasaki 600) +6.686s; 3 T Henry (Yamaha 600) +9.711s; 4 S McKnight (BMW) +18.677s. Fastest lap: Johnson 95.209mph.

MJF Construction Supertwin B

1 A Redmond (Kawasaki); 2 M Rees (Kawasaki) +2.223s; 3 M Gillan (Suzuki) +18.004s; 4 M Mace (Kawasaki) +27.601s. Fastest: Redmond 91.483mph.

Diamond Bar/Mermaid Club Lightweight Supersport/250GP (Friday)

1 M Dunlop (250 Honda); 2 D McGee (Yamaha 450) +0.4s; 3 S Elliott (Yamaha 400) +38.00s; 4 S Tobin (Yamaha 400) +40.027s. Fastest lap: Dunlop 95.354mph.