Hollywood star Fassbender has fond memories of Larne

Hollywood star Michael Fassbender has recalled his happy memories of Larne and of his grandparents, who lived on the town’s Wellington Parade.

Michael Fassbender in costume for his new movie, Frank. INLT 19-707-con

Fassbender, who is the star of the blockbuster X-Men film franchise, made the revelations while talking to BBC Radio 2 Arts Reporter and fellow Larne man Thomas Magill.

In the interview, Fassbender discusses his latest movie, Frank, in which he plays the lead character, who is based on cult figure Frank Sidebottom.

Radio 2 arts reporter Thomas Magill was born and bred in Larne and his mother and sister still live and work in the town. The local man said that he had been excited to meet Fassbender as a fellow Larne man. According to Magill, Fassbender stated that he wasn’t from Wellington Parade, but his mother and grandparents were.

BBC Radio 2 Arts Reporter Thomas Magill meets Hollywood star Michael Fassbender. INLT 19-705-con

When asked by Magill what his memories of Larne were and if he went back to visit the town much, Fassbender replied: “I did, I was very close to both my grandparents up there and spent many holidays up there.”

In response to Magill’s query of whether he considered Larne to be home, Fassbender replied: “My home is down at the other end in the south west, but there’s elements of that for sure because my Irish side of the family are up there.”

Fassbender was most recently nominated for an Oscar in the best supporting actor category for the film Twelve Years A Slave, in which he portrayed plantation owner Edwin Epps.

His new movie, Frank, is out in cinemas on May 9.