Alert update: Residents say incident now over

The '˜suspicious object alert' in the vicinity of Cambridge House School has come to an end according to local residents.

The school was evacuated at lunchtime after the discovery of ‘suspicious objects’ on the school grounds.

It is the third such alert in less than a month in the area.

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Mrs Elma Lutton, principal of Cambridge House Grammar school commented: “Following the discovery of items on the grounds of the school, the PSNI were contacted immediately. The school was then evacuated, as a precautionary measure, on the advice of the PSNI. The safety of pupils at the school is of extreme importance and at no time was this compromised.”

Sniffer dogs and army technical officers had been called to the scene earlier.

On previous occasions, the objects which caused the alerts were described as ‘improvised fireworks’ and an ‘elaborate hoax’.

Police have yet to issue another further statements on today’s incident.