Pensioner’s windowssmashed in attacks

The pensioner's flat in Edward Street which was attacked twice. INLM42-1209The pensioner's flat in Edward Street which was attacked twice. INLM42-1209
The pensioner's flat in Edward Street which was attacked twice. INLM42-1209
A pensioner was subjected to two terrifying attacks last week - because a Palestinian flag was flying from the top of the flats where she lives.

The 77-year-old, who does not wish to be named, had two of the windows in her home broken and a note put through, giving her four days to ‘remove the Palestinian flag or else’.

The note purports to be from the Ulster Action Squad.

The grandmother of 10 suffers from ill-health, including the lung disease COPD and heart problems and, according to her daughter, “doesn’t even know what Palestine is”.

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The first incident took place in the Edward Street area around 4.15am on Sunday morning, October 12, when the pensioner was woken by the sound of the living room window being smashed.

In the next attack, at 2.30am just three days later, she had a narrow escape when the window of the bedroom in which she was sleeping was smashed.

This time, the culprits also wedged the warning note into the window frame.

It is believed a weapon such as a hammer or baseball bat was used to smash the glass.

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Her daughter said, “She has been very anxious since it happened, and isn’t sleeping well. She won’t even sleep in the bedroom any more; she lies on the chair in the living room.

“She had to get tablets from the doctor to settle her down and a member of the family has been staying with her at all times since it happened.

“She’s a very quiet person, she’s not the type who goes out. She has lived here for 25 years with no bother.”

She added, “The first time it happened, the police came down and thought it might have been mistaken identity, but then it happened again and they left the note.

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“Why are they doing this? My mum just lives there, she didn’t put the flag up. She has nothing to do with politics or anything else.

“Coming up to Easter and the holidays, there are always flags put up, but it’s nothing to do with us.”

The Housing Executive removed the flag shortly after the second attack and are due to replace the window panes.

Her daughter added, “She hates to see the night-time coming and she’s jumping at every noise. She’s scared of anything else happening. We just want her to be left in peace.”

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Police Inspector Ken Annett appealed for anyone who witnessed the incidents or anyone with any information about the incidents to contact police in Lurgan on the non-emergency number 101.

Information can also be passed anonymously through the crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.