VIDEO: Boy, 5, finds out meat comes from animals - instantly turns vegetarian

The moment a boy realises meat comes from animals - and instantly turns vegetarian - has been captured on video.

Five-year-old Zayn Oukaci from Milton Keynes was filmed by his mum Christine Bell as he chatted away about his favourite food - green beans.

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Zayn then listed chicken, bacon, and lamb as more of his favourites.

When he said '˜lamb is kebab' Christine started laughing, only for Zayn to upset when he realised lambs are turned into meat.

Ever since the conversation Zayn has refused to eat any meat at all.

Zayn Oukaci reacts to the realisation that meat comes from animals (Photo: SWNS)

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Christine said: 'I was sitting with Zayn and we were just chatting and he started talking about green beans. He loves green beans and says they make him like the hulk and he thinks everyone should eat them.

'Then he was talking about meat and he was saying, '˜cow is beef', '˜chicken is chicken' and '˜lamb is kebab'.

'I just burst out laughing, but Zayn started to get upset.'

'He got upset about lambs saying we shouldn't eat them.

'One day I went to give him beef and he refused to eat it because it was cow.

'If I give him meat now he says '˜no'.

'I suppose he's turning vegetarian.'

Christine lives in Milton Keynes with Zayn and his siblings, Harry, 18, and 13-year-old Emelia Oukaci.

Originally published on our sister title, Milton Keynes Citizen

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